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Hello John, well first I would like to wish you a blessed bountiful new year and would like to thank you for all you have done for the community as a player/educator, and student. I had just seen the the new Steve Smith DVD and I have to say this video would have lost the degree of education if you had not been there to uplift and break down such expression and information. you saved this dvd and opened it up to better inform and educate the community. You are a gift to the drum community and I thank you. So after watching this DVD and being a student of your books and music I could not get the thought out of my head that you should of been the one to do this DVD you are the most (to my EARS) experienced one to share and PLAY such valuable information. Steve is a great player and his efforts on educating the community are so welcomed. however I believe you are most educated and experienced in how these masters played phrased, accompanied and soloed on their instruments with color ,texture and form, these legends had special tuning and space that shared an atmospheric attitude. AgAIN thank you for interviewing and wonderfully educating the community on this DVD, but I can't help but wonder WHEN or if you will put out a DVD of your own, your education and talent is a GIFT to us all THANK you Will Iam
by WillIam Frost (boston)January 12, 2009 2:36 AM
Hi John, My son Alex is very interested in attending the Jazz Program at Purchase. We will be in the NYC are Feb 17-20 and were wondering if we could schedule a lesson/apt with you. Alex studies with Mike Melito.
by Barb Cote (Rochester, NY)January 9, 2009 10:44 PM
Hi John, Thanks so much for getting back to me. My husband gave me the message. I'm emailing my nephew the link to your website. I'm sure he'll be as impressed with your credentials as I was. I think it would be better if he or his mom speaks directly with you. Even if it doesn't work out for this vacation, hopefully you and he can schedule something for Spring break, if you're around. My husband and I live in Manhattan where we teach classical voice. I am a graduate of the Mannes School of Music. My nephew's name is John Fitsch. From the time he was a toddler he clearly exhibited musical ability. Like you he started on snares at a very young age (7). He also dabbles on guitar and keyboard. He has excellent computer skills as well and even did some composing for me and produced a very decent demo. (I am working on an animated musical series). He is presently at Quinapeac College, first semester, in Connecticut. But his first choice was Stetson in Florida. He loved it there and was offered a $15,000. scholarship to study music, but unfortunately, being in a warm climate they had a mold problem, and John is extremely allergic to mold. It is my hope that he can study percussion technique with you on his vacations and summers. That, of course, is assuming that you are available. Sorry if I rambled on, but that's the problem with posting messages - there's no one to cut you off!
by Joan Galanti (New York, NY)January 3, 2009 12:58 PM
Hi Maestro, how are You? I just wish You a merry Christmas and a happy 2009. I hope to see You soon, in Italy or in USA. Lorenzo p.s. always ispirated from Your work and ideas.
by Lorenzo Lombardo (Milano Italy)December 25, 2008 6:26 PM
Hi John, any idea of your feb. VJO scheduale, I'll be in town mid feb. and would love to finally check you guys out. Happy Holidays Mike
by Mike (FL)December 23, 2008 11:22 AM
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