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Hi John this is Alex from mexico, firs let me tell you that you are a grat inspiration to my druming, I have study your two books, the art of... and beyond.. and they are must learn material for any serius jazz drumer. I have some questions and is not about technique, is obout jazz, I have 15 years playing the drums, just 2 yeras in to jazz, and just 1 year ago I go out to the street an star playing jazz real jazz, and feel that that helps a lot. but my question is about jazz gigs, I have 1 year playing jazz gigs once or twise a week in some restaurante or hotel loby bar. most of the musicians I play with are more experimented, and have long time playin jazz, mostly standars the classic jazz gig, due to my short experience I have found that it is dificult for me just seat at the drums and star paling any real book standar that I have never herad or played, all my band mates just tell me that I have to swing and folow the song, some time do trade 4's or 8's and taht is it, 12 songs and the gig is done and pay, I have several time ask them to rehears, but they keep saying that jazz is all about iprovistion, and there is o need to rehears, just do the gig waht ever the song is and that is it, you know that a real book at least have 400 songs on it, and I have heard most of them, but in my short time playing jazz, it is creasy for me just to seat and play a standar that I have never play, I don't know the feel of the song or how they are going to play it. my questiong is: it is true that there is no necesary rehearsals and jazz is all obout iprovisation? it is true that a good jazz drumer should play any song, in any style they come up with? we were talking about keith jarret trio and I said to the that I was shure that these guys do rehears or at least they used to rhears a lot in past times, and they said: no these guys are grat jazz musicians and they improvised all they play. do you think it is true? if so what you recomend for me to be confortable in playing any song in any stile that other come up in that stage moment. thatks so much for your help and your books
by Alex meludis (mexico)February 29, 2008 2:56 PM
Hi John, This is Mark Eeftens, drumteacher and editor for the Dutch drummers magazine Slagwerkkrant. I interviewed Eric Harland a few days ago and he spoke with much acclaim about your method to learn "speedreading" as I believe you call it. I'm very curious about it and I would appreciate if you could tell me more about the subject. Did you write any books on this and if not where should I begin? Best regards!
by Mark Eeftens (Breda, Netherlands Europe)February 27, 2008 5:17 AM
hi John, I'm Arno from France, I would like to know if you've the project to come in Europe soon, to play or to make a clinic. Congratulations for your book and the advices in it ! sincerely, I hope to meet you one day.
by arno le meur (montpellier France)February 12, 2008 12:12 PM
hello john, in the past 25jears i have written a whole lot of stuff for snare drum, and also for the drum set. in the end of 2007 i brought the material in a systematic order, a thing that i allways wanted to do. Now i will write a prototype of drumbook, because in the moment i cannot find a bigger firm printing notes. so- perhaps later. To me, it happens all the time when i am writing, i got so many sub- ideas, that i can write for hours, an receive so much material, that i really have to select. that costs a great bit of time.- what is your experiance, do you allways find the right exercises at once, or do you also have to write a lot, to get a kind of essence of it.-thanks to you, spending time to read my mail, yours sincerely- matthias
by matthias rumpf (unna / germany)February 4, 2008 3:50 PM
Hello John, thank You for this wonderfull book, that deals with be- bop drumming. You should have written it 50 years before...laugh- when I was starting drums, there really was no literature out on this high level . Eventhough the Book of Jim Chapin is also from high Quality. I wish You all the best for the future, thanks again, Matthias
by matthias rumpf (unna / germany)January 28, 2008 12:43 PM
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